The Stone Dragons

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The Stone Dragons
Background information
Origin Toronto, ON, Canada
Genres Filk
  • Sue Posteraro
  • Tom Jeffers

How to describe the Stone Dragons? They are members of an extended Filk "family" and have loved ones around the world. Tom plays almost anything with strings, and he owns a plethora of interesting instruments. Sue tries valiantly (and futilely) to keep his collection from growing, much to the amusement of the filk community. Oh, and their two dogs are named Kaypo and Tipper.

Together they enjoy writing songs, making music and traveling. You may have seen them at one of over a dozen filk and filk-friendly conventions they've attended; Sue's ambition is to visit every single convention that welcomes filkers. Tom's is to buy a new instrument at each one!

Tom was inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame, has won a Pegasus for Best Performer as part of Dandelion Wine, and won an Aurora Award for his third DW CD, The Face on Mars. Together they have been nominated for a Best Performer Pegasus. They perform their own songs, plus those of other filkers, plus a number of "found filk" songs. Their eclectic mix of silly and serious, classic and contemporary music appeals to a wide range of tastes. Tom is busy working on their first CD, expected to be released at FKO 2014.

The Stone Dragons have hosted many traveling filkers, and arranged for lots of impromptu music parties. If you are visiting Toronto, make sure you say "Hi"!