The Blast Processors

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The Blast Processors
Background information
Origin Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Years active 2012–present
Associated acts
  • Master System: Keytar + Vox + Comms
  • Mega Drive: Guitar + Vox + Assault
  • Saturn: Keys + Guitar + Vox + Close Quarter Combat
  • Game Gear: Bass + Sniper
  • The Menacer: Drums + Demolitions
Social media

So what's Blast Processing do?

The year is AD 2101. Humanity is on a course for destruction, the wheels of which began turning over a century ago. The last Great Console War ended in the era of Mode 7 -- the era of Nintendo. A hundred years too late, the world realized the error of their ways. Mankind's last hope rode on the shoulders of five warriors trained in sabotage, propaganda, guerilla warfare, and catchy melodies. This elite military unit went by the name of a powerful weapon, mankind's only true hope of survival: they are the Blast Processors.

Their mission: to travel back to June 23, 1991 and surf the seas of subliminal warfare in the name of SEGA. Missing their time modulation by 22 years, they resolved to rock.

You can't do this on Nintendo.