Ol' Time Moonshine

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Ol' Time Moonshine
Background information
Genres Nerd Metal
Years active 2009–present
Website oltimemoonshine.com
  • Bill Kole (vocals, guitar)
  • Chris Coleiro (guitar)
  • Brett Savory (drums)
  • Kyle Marnoch (bass)
Social media


Ol’ Time Moonshine are four metalheads from Toronto, Canada who love to make heavy music. Formed by Bill Kole (vocals, guitar) and Chris Coleiro (guitar) in 2009, the lineup is completed by Brett Savory (drums) and Kyle Marnoch (bass). “The Demon Haunted World EP”, their DIY first release, is a riff-heavy metal juggernaut that tells tales of science fiction, horror and the occult, alchemically mixing seventies riff rock, eighties hardcore and the underground metal of the nineties into a potent, 100 proof shot of heavy rock. Bill and Brett previously performed together in southern doom rock 'n' rollers Diablo Red.


Formed in late 2009, Ol' Time Moonshine released our DIY debut EP "The Demon Haunted World" in 2013. We are humbled by the support we've received from our fans and friends, and the stoner rock community at large, and we're currently playing in support of the EP and writing our next release. While the music and lyrics are at times serious, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. We're like you - we just want to have a good time and listen to some heavy music!