Nerds with Guitars

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Nerds with Guitars
Background information
Origin Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Genres Nerd Rock, Comedy
Instruments guitars
Years active 2005–present
Associated acts Kirby Krackle, The Doubleclicks, Debs & Errol
Members Alex James, Sean May

To call Nerds with Guitars an eclectic act would be akin to calling George Lucas a bit full of himself: the boys draw influence from a diverse musical background that spans forty years’ worth of recording across all genres, and derive comedic succor from the greats of nerd music: Kirby Krackle, Paul & Storm, Flight of the Conchords, and the one and only Jonathan Coulton. The result is a high-energy live show rife with nerd-worthy references to the likes of Tim Schafer, Gene Roddenberry and John Carpenter, and a bank of curiously-themed songs ranging from a defense of Daleks to a love ballad penned by a man who hasn’t left the basement in ten years.


In late 2004, the stars aligned when guitar teacher and funk legend Sean May met attention-whore troubadour Alex James in a cramped apartment in Toronto. They were summarily handed guitars and told to play, and they’ve been playing ever since. After a couple of years slinging cover tunes for house parties and wherever else would have them, the boys decided they ought to write some songs of their own, and if they were going to do that, well, they better have a name. When Alex said they couldn’t just call themselves ‘Nerds with Guitars’, Sean replied “why not?”

Thus began the meteoric rise to popularity that has defined most of NwG’s working history. Okay, not really – but things have certainly been picking up for Toronto’s hardest working acoustic alt-nerd-folk-rock-comedy duo. They are the official minstrels of Toronto’s Nerd Mafia and have opened for some of fandom’s most notorious comics, including NOW Comic of the Year Gavin Stephens, Mr. Show’s Brian Posehn, and the Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick.

In 2012, NwG released their debut EP, “For The Record”. The recording was originally intended to be a full album (they have more than enough material) but budget constraints brought on by Sean’s then-impending marriage (ladies) and the birth of Alex’s son (ladies, we guess) made some cuts necessary. The EP is available across multiple platforms including iTunes and BandCamp, and features three of the band’s most popular songs. The price will be set by the vendor, but the boys refuse to charge more than the absolute minimum they can, so expect the standard “three songs for three dollars” setup common to iTunes.

More information about the EP as well as upcoming shows and other fun stuff can be located at any of the band’s online presences.