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Fandom Musicals
Background information
Years active 2013–present
  • Tyler Mann
  • Tarif Khondker
  • Jazmine Moore
  • Leanne Supleve
  • Rene Beauregard
  • Christian Teatro
Social media

A theater group dedicated to making shows that help spread the fandom, both on the live stage, and to the world online.


Dedicated to spreading the fandom, this theater group performs unique geek themed shows, both on the live stage, and to the world online. Their first show Fandom Hearts immediately grabbed the attention of gamer fans both at ConBravo! and online, with their strange style of comedy, and amazing songs. Since then they've performed shows at conventions around Ontario, and created loads of original content online. This group has defined a new unique type of performance group, and shows no signs of stopping.

With a rotating cast of talented actors, musicians, writers, composers, and crew members, Fandom Musicals is a collaborative effort. Each show is performed for free, but accepts donations that aid their next and future performances. They have run two successful Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaigns. The first one helped fund Fandom Hearts: The Musical, and the second one secured their next four shows which included Frost Bite, Animezing, X Musical and Fandom Hearts 2.

They have performed at various conventions and venues around Ontario, their most well known one being ConBravo! where Fandom Hearts first performed. Their major full length musicals have performed at the con, including Star Explorers and X Musical, with Fandom Hearts 2 slated for July 2016. Other notable cons include Unplugged Expo, Frost Con, G-Anime, Fan Fare, Anime North, and more. Their individual venues include The Cage 292, and Imperial Pub. They have recently shown interest in renting out Second City for a one night performance.

Show Discography[edit]

Fandom Hearts: A Kingdom Hearts Parody Musical (July 2013 at ConBravo!)

Off The Top Of Our Heads (February 2014 at York U)

Star Explorers: The Musical (July 2014 at ConBravo!)

Off The Top Of Our Heads (September 2014 at Unplugged Expo)

Frost Bite: A Canadian Zombie Musical (November 2014 at Fan Fare)

Animezing Sketch Comedy Musical (January 2015 at G-Anime and Frost Con, February 2015 at The Cage 292, May 2015 at Anime North)

X Musical (July 2015 at ConBravo!, August 2015 at Unplugged Expo)

The Riku Horror Fandom Show (October 2015 at Imperial Pub)