Being a musician is difficult. In fact, our first line of advice is to not do it. But you’re here, and hopefully we can help out. There are a ton of blogs, venues and organizations for the mainstream musician, but you need to connect with your geek audience. Here, we provide some resources!


Promotion is time consuming, but the adage of people coming if you build it is no more. Talent does not presume listeners.

  • A List of Geek Blogs – People need to know you exist so they can hear what you do. Get in touch with some of these blogs and ask if they are willing to do an interview or a review of your album
  • A List of Canadian Cons – Geek musicians have difficulty playing at normal gigs, but we do have conventions. Check these cons out, maybe they have a music track you can perform on!
  • How to Get a Wikipedia Page for your Band – From Bandzoogle comes this article
  • Awards & Contests – You know what else is great about entering contests and getting awards? People find out about you!


Other than selling merchandise and albums, how else can you make money?

  • Canadian Grants – There are many of them and all of them are difficult to attain. But it won’t cost you anything to try. Here are a few of them and our impressions

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