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There are many events and organisations that are geek-music friendly:  i.e., though they don’t exist primarily to showcase geeky music, they are happy to do so.  Some of the entities on this list are events; some are organisations; some are venues.  All are awesome.

Multiple Canadian Locations

  • Chiaroscuro Reading Series – Also known as the ChiSeries, this monthly reading series showcases writers of genre fiction (particularly science fiction, fantasy, and horror).  The Toronto incarnation intersperses literary readings with short musical acts by local geek musicians.  The ChiSeries also has series in Ottawa, Winnipeg, and Vancouver.
  • Nerd Nite – A monthly gathering of nerds–held in more than 75 cities worldwide–involving talks, entertainment, trivia, and beer.  Several Canadian cities hold Nerd Nites, including Banff, Calgary, Edmonton, Kitchener-Waterloo, Toronto, Vancouver, and Windsor.


  • The G33k Art Show – An annual weekend event in November.  It offers geeky artists and crafters a chance to display and sell their creations.  It also has musicians playing throughout the show, plus at the opening and closing parties.  It is a good chance for musicians to gain exposure and perhaps pass the hat a bit.  Musician participants can, for a small fee, sell their CDs during the show as well.


  • Doin’ It Geek – A geeky events organiser with aspirations to create a geek-themed restaurant.


  •  Wonder Geeks Activate! – A geeky event organiser “dedicated to merging local events with geek culture.”  They run a number of events throughout the year in a number of geek-friendly venues.


  • Bakka Phoenix Books – This bookstore has a spacious basement room that has served as a venue for filk circles and workshops.
  • The Dandies – An improv troupe with a soft spot for geek music.  Musicians feature prominently in their Trek-flavoured variety show, Holodeck Follies.
  • Fan Fiction the Show – A comedic variety show revolving around fanfiction based on a different fan-focused property every month.  Local musicians have been featured in the show.
  • Monkeyman Productions – A geeky theatre company that puts on a few productions a year, including showcases and variety shows involving musical acts.
  • The Nerd Mafia – A group of like-minded nerds who produce nerdy things.  According to the website, the group contains “writers, artists, musicians, cosplayers, podcasters, journalists, gamers, reviewers, developers, performers,” all of them nerds.  They have monthly meetups at which members can network and plot collaborations.  Basically, they are this website, only not exclusively focused on music.
  • The Silver Snail – A comic-book shop with an espresso bar, the Black Canary, attached.  The shop has hosted a number of concerts.


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