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Search for Geek: Pangalacticats

Errol found Pangalacticats in a Facebook group while searching for all the geek bands he could find. They play around Seattle and describe themselves as “Geekabilly rockers irradiated with ska, Celtic rock, and blues.” Basic Stats Name: The Pangalacticats Instruments: Vocal/rhythm guitar (Harry Miller), Lead guitar/vocal

FACTOR – How We Got Funded

On March 27th, Debs & Errol got funded to produce their Sherlock song, “Locked” through FACTOR, in particular, the DEMO grant. Debs and Lizette, Errol’s sister, applied for this grant and in this article, Lizette gives her very candid take on how they got funded.

Review: “Worst Superpower Ever” by the Doubleclicks

Kari Maaren is trying to clean her apartment. While she does that, she listens and gives her review of various bands in her series called “Music for a Relatively Clean Apartment”. Worst Superpower Ever by The Doubleclicks This review is Errol Elumir‘s fault. Earlier today,

Search for Geek: Mr. Gee

Originally posted on Debs & Errol, January 16th, 2014. Ready for another The Search for Geek? To kick off 2014, here is a good friend of ours named Mr. Gee! We met him through February Album Writing Month and today we’re talking to him about