Awards and Contests

Trying to win awards and contests can be a bit punishing, but to be absolutely honest, we’re going to do it anyway. Here are a few suggestions for those who want to go this route.


Logan Whitehurst Memorial Award for Excellence in Comedy Music – annual (nominations early in year; award distributed at summer convention).  Run by The Funny Music Project (FUMP), this award is offered in three categories:  Outstanding Original Comedy Song, Outstanding Parody Song, and Outstanding Comedy Music Video.  Nominations are open; the shortlisted nominees and the final winners are chosen by a rotating jury.  If you are nominated, your song will be performed at a concert at the convention hosting the awards; if you win, you get a statuette of a robot cat on an engraved base.

Pegasus Awards – annual (polling January – April; nominations late May; final ballot August/September).  Run by the Ohio Valley Filk Fest (OVFF), this award celebrates excellence in music by those identifying as members of the filk community.  Awards are given in several categories, some of which change on a yearly basis.  Nominations and voting are open to the community.  Nominees’ songs are performed during OVFF (in the fall), and the winners are announced during the convention.

Prix Aurora Award – annual (nominations January – April; voting April – September).  The “Fan Music” category is open to all Canadian non-professional musicians (i.e., independent musicians not associated with professional labels).  The award is fan-run, and nominations and voting are open to any Canadian citizen or permanent resident who pays $10 to join the CSFFA (Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association).  If you win, you get a dangerously spiky statue made mostly of sheet metal.


CBC Rock Your Campus Competition – annual (August – October; several rounds). Open to Canadian post-secondary students. Voting is open to anyone, including non-Canadians. The final winner is decided by a panel of judges. Prizes include $10,000 (if the entrant is a band, the money will divided amongst the members), a concert performance on the entrant’s campus, a YouTube contract, and opportunities related to promotion and professional development. Geek musicians who enter the competition should contact us so that we can set the #VoteGeek initiative, which encourages geeks to support each other’s efforts in the contest, in motion.

CBC Searchlight Competition – annual (March – May; several rounds).  Open to Canadian non-professional musicians.  Voting is open to anyone, including non-Canadians.  The final winner is decided by a panel of judges, with input from voters.  Prizes for the winner are substantial, including musical equipment, a professional recording, and a spot at the CBC Music Festival.  Geek musicians who enter the competition may also join our #VoteGeek initiative.

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